About CCT

The Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) was established in January 1934 by missionaries of the Anglican, Moravian and Lutheran churches as a fellowship of Church and non-Church Christian organizations to promote the spiritual and prophetic unity of the Church, its development and advocacy. It was then named the Tanganyika Missionary Council, registered under the Societies Ordinance and issued Registration Certificate No. SO. 4632. In 1960 it changed its name to Christian Council of Tanganyika and in 1964 adopted its current name, i.e. Christian Council of Tanzania. It is currently constituted of 12 National Churches and 12 Church–related organizations.

CCT members are united in confessing faith to which the Church has ever witnessed in the One Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, confessing Jesus Christ as the Way, Truth and Life, trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and striving for the advancement of the Kingdom of God throughout the world. The Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament and the New Testament record God’s revelation of Himself to the people, enshrined with all things imperative for Salvation, and also being the ultimate standard of faith and way of life. The Apostles Creed and the Creed commonly called the Nicene Creed are historical confessions witnessing to and safe-guarding the faith which is perpetually confirmed in the spiritual experience of the Christian Church.

Apart from its vision and mission, CCT is guided by the main purpose as established by the founding fathers and its core values.

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