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Interfaith Committees: How Do They Work?

Tanga Interfaith Committee

CCT through Interfaith Relations is working strongly to advocate Inter-religious dialogues and peace building for peaceful coexistence in the country. Through this program, Christians and Muslims show their solidarity and participation on interfaith relations. Dialogue among people of different faiths foster a mutual respect and creates an atmosphere for understanding each other’s religious beliefs. The dialogue draws the parties more closer to each other to replace hostility and misunderstanding among them. The program has successfully managed to bring together Muslims

Singida Sunday School Festival

Sunday School Children singing and dancing in Singida

When the warmth of children’s celebrations mingle in stark contrast with coldness of the message being conveyed one can only predict  an emotional storm that will haunt every soul that takes consideration of the situation. The picture of jubilant children, girls and boys; with chubby chicks and round bright eyes singing at the top of their voices, verbalising in unison the brutality and ugliness of female genital mutilation. It is even more chilling when one imagines the fact that most

CCT Shines in NCA Annual Partners’ Meeting

CCT team of Program Officers Rev David Kalinga for Interfaith Relations, Adv. Beatrice Dengenesa for PSEJGG and Mrs. Vicky Kimolo together with District Coordinators and IR-VICOBA Associations Networks Leaders holding certificates of recognition for outstanding performance and excellence in programs

Every year after accomplishments of activities and programs, monitoring and evaluation, NCA hold Annual Partners Conference (APC) where as among other things there are trainings and capacity buildings in every area of weakness that they have identified during monitoring and evaluations. Christian Council of Tanzania is a long term partner Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) since 2005 to date. During the Conference, NCA awarded partners whose performance has been outstanding and excellent throughout the year. In 2016 CCT shone with three

Farming God’s Way

Mulching is core to this type of farming

The Climate change, Environment and Food Security program of CCT recently trained 188 members from 45 IR–VICOBA groups of Bahi district on conservation farming (farming God’s Way). This approach which make use of a small piece of land and spells about no land tilling helps the peasant/subsistence farmers to be sure of food for their households. The method is contrary to the traditional ways of farming in which a large piece of land produces less. Vivid examples from the farmers

PETS Master Trainers In Action

Mr Mathayo Boni, a PETS master trainer, facilitating the training on PETS at Gairo

PETS Master Trainers In Action is a project designed to facilitate formation train and mentor new PETS committee in tracking public expenditure in the district of Bahi, Gairo and Same. The overall Objectives were to form new PETS COMMITTEE in the proposed District by using PETS MASTER TRAINERS because it is costs efficient, reliable and can reach more villages within a short time. Secondly, was to impart the knowledge of Good Governance and PETS to 20 wards of Bahi and

Community Stunned as a Famous Ngariba Walks Away From FGM

Wansatu giving her testimony before the congregation

Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) has been working on enlightening communities to abandon harmful cultural practices, particularly gender based violence since 2010. In particular a lot of work has been done to curb the infamous female genital mutilation (FGM) as well as poverty through VICOBA self help groups. In that course quite a few women circumcisers (Ngariba) have left the practice that has hurt lives of many girls and women in Serengeti district. So far 6 Ngaribas have quitted the

CSSC General Election Observation Report- 2015

The 2015 General Elections Observation Mission could not have been a success without cooperation from the Tanzania Christian Forum (TCF) to whom we are sincerely indebted. Specifically, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all Bishops and Heads of Ministries from CCT, CHARISMATIC, CPCT and TEC for their readiness to provide us the volunteers without whom the Observation Mission’s work would have been impossible to carry out. See the whole report below

CCT Support to People With Low Vision & Blindness in Chamwino [In Pics]

CCT General Secretary (L), Hon. Vumilia Nyamoga (Chamwino District Commissioner) (R) and one of beneficiaries (C)

The event took place on Sunday 31/7/2016 and it was graced by Chamwino DC Hon. Vumilia Nyamoga. In total the goods were supplied to 11 households with 58 residents where majority have impaired vision. Items issued include: Blankets/Quilts Health Kits Soap School kits Bibles Braille Food Supplies More Pictures Courtesy CCT WAMA

CCT Visits Bangladesh for Renewable Energy Study Tour to Reduce Poverty

Solar panels connected to produce 19 KW

As part of a strong delegation from the United Republic of Tanzania’s Parliament, CCT was invited through Climate Action Network Tanzania (CANTz) to take part in the most informative and educative study tour on how Renewable energy can be used to mitigate climate change and help reduce not only energy poverty but poverty at large. The visit was sponsored by World Future Council and the Bread for the World both being Germany based Organizations (Hamburg and Berlin resp.). The delegation

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