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Finally Orphans Get Their Rights

Paralegal, the orphans and their guardians

On 4th January 2017 Jamila Baharia who is a paralegal at Mpwapwa district received information from one of the community members of Ilolo ward who is the nearby neighbor about the guardians who were violent to their two grandchildren. These kids are orphans who have lost their mother seven years back and they were left with their father. Due to life hardship, their father moved to Tanga to find a job and left them with their grandparents with no communication

Singida Sunday School Festival

Sunday School Children singing and dancing in Singida

When the warmth of children’s celebrations mingle in stark contrast with coldness of the message being conveyed one can only predict  an emotional storm that will haunt every soul that takes consideration of the situation. The picture of jubilant children, girls and boys; with chubby chicks and round bright eyes singing at the top of their voices, verbalising in unison the brutality and ugliness of female genital mutilation. It is even more chilling when one imagines the fact that most

Community Stunned as a Famous Ngariba Walks Away From FGM

Wansatu giving her testimony before the congregation

Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) has been working on enlightening communities to abandon harmful cultural practices, particularly gender based violence since 2010. In particular a lot of work has been done to curb the infamous female genital mutilation (FGM) as well as poverty through VICOBA self help groups. In that course quite a few women circumcisers (Ngariba) have left the practice that has hurt lives of many girls and women in Serengeti district. So far 6 Ngaribas have quitted the

Religious Leaders Intervention on Political Tensions in the Country

The CHADEMA delegation under Chairman Mbowe

One of CCT mandates is to foster unity, peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance in Tanzania. In so doing CCT has involved itself with various interventions for the sake of conflict resolution, peace building and overall enhancement of peaceful and brotherly lifestyle, for which Tanzania is known all over the world. Following recent developments in political landscape in Tanzania, under the shadow of 2015’s General Election fallout, the temperature has gone up. Tanzania has witnessed serious commotions in the National Assembly

Mother Positive Child Negative

Winfrida Lechipya a three years old girl. She is negative although her mother is HIV positive

  Miss Sara Lechipya is 42 years old. She was diagnosed HIV positive while she was 36 years old. However three years ago Sarah gave birth to a baby girl (Winfrida) who is negative and is growing healthy now. When she was interviewed the secret behind giving birth to a non positive baby, Sarah responded by saying; “I thank God for bringing CCT Tunajali services here, I have been receiving regular counseling and encouragement; after all, I am not stigmatized

The Positive Side: Ezra Machasa journey of success

Martin the Pamoja trainer facilitator and Rev. Machasa behind visiting his rice farm

Rev. Ezra Machasa is a father of three children and has been working as a Priest for over 6 years. As he told his story, he said how like many other priests in his diocese, he was always hoping to be located in an area where there are many Christians and this was driven by economic factor. When he was sent to Maweni Parish in 2012, he says he was disappointed because it was a small parish with few Christians; which implied that

St. Dorcas Women’s Success

The Dorcas Pamoja group made of Mothers Union of MiujiParishi with their chairs that they bought for the church

St.Dorcas women group is made of 25 women of Mother’s Union at St.Andrea Church in Miyuji Parish Diocese of Central Tanganyika, in Dodoma. All these women are residing at Msalato Ward. They had been running their families relying only on the income through their husbands where the later are breadwinners for their families. These women were just taking care for the families while their husbands were involved in income generating activities. Their leader explained as follows: It is through CCT that

Documentary on Mpamantwa PETS

This project has a long history where PETS committee mobilize the villagers to demonstrate against SANDS Company on their activities of quarrying stones without any consideration for the villagers. Following villager demonstration they passed a resolution that, SANDS Company will build a Secondary School, water wells and construct the village road the obligation which was unfulfilled. In 2015 the villagers boycotted again against SANDS Company and together they requested the meeting with the Minister of Energy and Mineral resources Hon.

Single Mother Finds Breakthrough in PAMOJA/CCMP

Evelina's Livestock

Evelina Malogo is a mother of three Children living at Maweni Village in Manyoni District. She has been living miserable life especially after her husband run away from the family 10 years and left her alone to care for the family. “This was one of the most difficult time in my entire life because the left of my husband placed all the burden of caring these children to me and in fact I saw like everything has stopped and life

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