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CCT Annual Pets Festival 2015

PETS Master Trainers in a Group Photo at Gairo ELCT-Grounds

A total of 42 participants from Geita, Gairo, Kilosa, Bahi and Chunya attended the Festival; 2 being religious leaders 3 officers from District Executive Council and 31 PETS Facilitators from six districts.  The festival ended in the evening of 13/11/2015 and all the participants attended were happy and promised to work for change in their communities. CCT-Program Officer thanked the participants for their participation and their contribution to the success of the event. What is PETS? Public Expenditure Trucking System/Survey  is a

The Story of Mathayo

Mathayo at his business outlets building

 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”– Helen Keller If it were not for CCT’s intervention Mathayo Bony (42) would not be a man of influence that he is today. It all happened when he accepted changes, and then became a change himself. He has shown that the horizon is not the limit, but there is a land of flowing with milk and honey just beyond it; the land of justice, development and integrity. The land where the lowly are

VICOBA: Humble Beginnings

“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” So the bible says in Job 8:7. In a nutshell this is not only a wise statement from biblical times, but a universal principal. It is a universal principle that yields whatever is called growth. In modern history of success stories we have heard of big projects that started in garage, like apple computers. Some others started like family or group projects. Every known big thing, has know humble

Happy & Healthy with Mwanzo Bora Nutritional Project

Issa Ndee & Family

Issa Ndee is a Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program beneficiary, at Mondo village Chemba District. He is a father to two children, the older 3 years old and the younger 6 months of age (as of March 2014). He joined Mwanzo Bora services when his wife was pregnant of the young son. He used to attend the MBNP service provisions frequently and leant a lot from the program. It is during these services he realized how it is to take care

Love prevails, at last!

Mr & Mrs Mgosi with their Best Man and Matron of Honour immediately after being pronounced husband and wife

For the past nine years CCT through the Women Development Gender and Children has been working on sensitizing the society in Tarime in order that they desist from gender based violence(GBV) especially female genital mutilation (FGM). This work started in 2005 and up to the time of writing of the article it is 9 years. In an ironic coincidence recently there has been a union of a couple with a history of going against Kurya traditions. Since in Tarime FGM

The Terrible December

FGM is uglier than the tools and medicinal concoctions used with it, as seen in this picture

Whenever it is a year divisible by two drums of trouble resound over Kurya villages, all over Mara region. It is a result of a strongly held belief that such years are blessed, or in contrapositive that years with odd numbers are not blessed. The implication of this belief is that if girls are cut in an even year then there are going to be less deaths, if any; and the whole process is going to be safer (better than

FGM Caught Red Handed! [In Pics]

Fresh blood can be seen trickling down the legs of one of the girls

In one of the most dreadful experiences fieldworkers in an FGM project of CCT in Rorya, Mara Region together with Police had to face mutilated girls, just cut and with blood trickling down their legs. After several years of efforts from numerous stakeholders communities in Mara region are not having the same ease with girls mutilation which for time unknown has been conducted for the pretext of appeasing the gods. Eventually some are trying to evolve with times and come

Construction of Chapels, Mzumbe & SUA

The building of Mzumbe Chapel under construction. CCT PFP Committee and Management Team are touring the site

“Who dares despise the day of small things…?” That must have been a question within the visitors’ minds when CCT’s team visited the construction of Chapels at Mzumbe and Sokoine Universities. These stories are so humbling. Hearing that a chapel is built from student’s donations or seeing people worshiping in an unfinished building. That kind of scenarios are both overwhelming and empowering. They are situations to leave no one without any concern. What would you do if you visit such

Struggle for/against Uranium in Bahi

The Christian Council of Tanzania, through its Interfaith Relations programs, in collaboration with partners particularly Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and Bread for the World facilitate Peace building and peaceful coexistence for Development in the society. This has been done at the District level. The goals of the programs have been achieved through training religious leaders on interfaith relations, peace building, conflict transformation, and advocacy on various issues. Then some of the trained religious leaders form District interfaith committees. Interfaith committees

Kiteto Land Case Victory

Grace standing outside her house happy after she won the case

Grace Mnhambo, aged 58 is a widow who lives in Olgine village, Kiteto district. She is a mother of six adult children, two females and four males. The eldest is 36 and the youngest 24. She has nineteen grand children, most of whom live with her. Her late husband (died in 2008) was blind after suffering from trachoma. When her husband was in good health before he lost his eye sight, he is the one who cleared their farm and

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