Mission and Evangelism


The Directorate of Mission and Evangelism of the Christian Council of Tanzania, is an organ that specific concentrates on working with Ecumenical Units in the Country.  These Units are: Chaplaincies, USCF and UKWATA, CCT reginal fora and Mission in its wholeness.

Chaplaincies are congregations established at Higher learning institutions for pastoral care and spiritual services to students, lecturers and the surrounding neighbors at the university or colleges. The services should always be performed ecumenically. These includes: Sunday services, Eucharist services, Baptism, Confirmation, marriage rituals etc. All Chaplaincies are led by ordained ministers who are known as chaplains and are being appointed by the Christian Council of Tanzania from the member churches. CCT has established five Chaplaincies which are from the University of Dar es salaam, Sokoine university of Agriculture, University of Mzumbe, University of Dodoma and Institution of Mipango. Other Chaplaincies established from public and private sectors are: Tumaini University, KCMC, St Augustines’ Universities, Cuhas (Bugando Mwanza), Teku, Muce, St John’s University of Tanzania, Institute of Finance Management, Mbeya University of Science and Technology and many others. Few Chaplaincies such as university of Dar es salaam, Sokoine University of Agriculture (main campus), and Mzumbe have built their own chapels. The rest Chaplaincies are using Institutions building for Sunday services and other fellowship gatherings.

USCF is a unity of University Students’ Christian Fellowship which shares the divine word of God and strengthens their faith in Jesus Christ through various services and doing outreach missions in different locations in the country. The CCT USCF performs their functions through the General Secretary’s office. (CCT- National Coordinator for USCF)

UKWATA (Ushirika wa Kikristo wa Wanafunzi Tanzania) is a unity of secondary schools’ students established for fellowship and share divine word of God and strengthens their faith in Jesus Christ through Sunday services, Bible study, Praise and worship. The CCT UKWATA performs their functions through the General Secretary’s office (CCT National Coordinator for UKWATA).

Both USCF and UKWATA are very strong ecumenical units and carry the really unity of the church in the Christian Council of Tanzania. They have their annual national conferences where includes more than 2000 students. CCT UKWATA in this year will have the national conference in June at St. Peter Claver High school here in Dodoma, while CCT-USCF will have the National conference during Easter season, and the conference will also be held in Dodoma, at University of Dodoma.

The Directorate has also the project of Church Planting in the Southern regions of Tanzania, i.e Lindi, Mtwara and Ruvuma. CCT works together with the member churches in the corridor i.e ELCT Diocese of Mtwara, Anglican Church Diocese of Newala, Mtwara and Ruvuma, Kanisa la Biblia, Mennonite Church of Tanzania, and Africa Inland Church. The project started in 2014 and ended in 2016. Twenty evangelists from the member churches were trained on mission work and sent by their churches for church planting project. 15 new Churches with 195 congregants have been planted and now being cared by the nearest CCT church members..  We thank God that in this year (2019) we have started a second phase of the project which will end in 2021. In this phase we expect to recruit other 5 evangelists from KIUMA and Moravian church in Songea.  

Most of the Mission and Evangelism works are being done by the church members in their respective areas. To make it more functional, CCT has created a regional fora for which will strengthen unity among CCT members. CCT regional fora coordinate and supervise Chaplaincies, USCF, and UKWATA and also facilitate training of Christian education to primary and secondary schools in their region in collaborations with the Directorate of Mission and Evangelism.  

A group photo of CCT USCF members with their National coordinator with a collar in the middle( Rev. David Kalinga)

The CCT USCF national leader behind the Ministers after their induction to lead USCF for 2018/2019

CCT General Secretary (Rev. Can. Matonya)  addressing  UKWATA Students and Staff at KIUMA Secondary school in the  Morning devotion.

A newly planted Church at Nanguruwe in Mtwara

A congregation at Mipotopoto as they met with the evaluators from CCT

A newly planted church at Mipotopoto in Ruvuma

A congregation and newly planted church at Mnazi Mmoja in Lindi